Circus Cooler E-Liquid by Circus Review

If you’re looking for a delicious and refreshing tropical e-liquid, try Circus Cooler by Circus. This is a nice exotic e-juice beverage that has the taste of a tropical fruit cocktail. This e-juice has a delightful flavor.

The concoction of fruits blends nicely together. You can enjoy this e-liquid when you desire something fresh with a cooling sensation. You will love every puff and crave for more.

Flavor Description

Circus Cooler is described as an exotic ice-cold fruity soda pop e-liquid. When vaping it, it is somewhat difficult to pinpoint the flavor of this e-liquid. You get an exotic soda with sort of a bubbly pop flavor. The soda flavor on the inhale is somewhat like an exotic tropical drink. It seems to be a mixture of grapes and tangerine or raspberry. This is certainly a blend of different fruits.

Circus Cooler has a delicious bubbly soda aftertaste that lingers in your mouth. There is no weird or artificial flavor from this e-liquid. The flavor is clean and consistent on the inhale and exhale. There are different fruits flavors in the e-juice. It is hard to describe the taste. The official flavor description does not point out what types of fruits are in the mix. Circus Cooler is a very delicious and refreshing vape. It is a very enjoyable vape.

VG/PG Ratio

Circus Cooler has an 80/20, VG/PG ratio.  The e-liquid is quite thick. The e-liquid is not a coil killer. Your cotton becomes sort of dark orange after vaping it for a day.  If you vape this e-liquid every day, your cotton may need changing after two-three days.

The vapor production of this Circus e-liquid is fantastic. It is exactly the type of clouds of vapor that you expect from a MAX VG e-liquid. The clouds are thick and linger in the air.

Nicotine Strength

Circus’ Circus Cooler is available with nicotine strengths levels of 0 mg, 3 mg or 6 mg. This e-juice has a very smooth throat hit on the inhale and exhale. Vapers who prefer to relish the delicious flavors without any throat hits can choose 0 mg. At 3 mg, the throat hit is almost inexistent. At 6 mg, there is a slight tingling in the throat that is not overpowering.

You will not feel any weird sensation in your throat when vaping this e-juice. There is no itching or burning sensation.

If you like strong throat hits, you will have to purchase additional nicotine shots. Circus Cooler.


Circus Cooler has an eye-grabbing packaging design. The e-juice comes in a gorilla unicorn bottle with a childproof cap. There is a colorful label on the bottle with Circus’ logo and other information about the product like the nicotine strength and bottle capacity.


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Circus has four e-liquid flavors on the market namely Circus Cookie, Cotton Candy, Coconut Cake, and Circus Cooler. These e-juice flavors are each a great delight to vape. You will relish each one.

The Circus Cookie line is brought to you by Puff Labs. This company is one of the biggest e-liquid manufacturers in the United States. Puff Labs provides premium-quality vape juices brewed to the highest of standards.

Circus Cooler is a great vape for a hot summer day. It is very refreshing. When vaping it, you get a cooling sensation that that is very satisfying. This can easily become an all-day vape.

Cuttwood’s Boss Reserve E-Liquid Review

If you are looking for the best-tasting vape juices, you might as well check out PinkVape. The company has some of the top-rated e-juices available on the market today.

When you visit the PinkVape website, the first thing that you will notice is how neatly the products are presented. Their e-juices are arranged by brand, and it is easy for you to choose what you want.

You will also be impressed with the company’s excellent customer service. You get your orders on time. Also, PinkVape has special deals that you can take advantage of to get specific products on the store.

One of the e-liquids that you will find on PinkVape is Cuttwood’s Boss Reserve. This e-juice has the real taste of honey graham crackers and roasted nuts with a hint of sliced bananas. You will surely want more of this juice once you taste it.

Flavor Description

Cuttwood’s Boss Reserve has a sweet scent which stands out once you open a bottle of the e-juice. When you inhale the vapor from this vape juice, you will taste the real flavor of honey graham crackers and roasted nuts with a hint of sliced bananas. It is such a rich flavor that you will momentarily forget you are inhaling it from an e-juice. Boss Reserve does not have any chemical aftertaste. The sweetness is just right so you will not get sick of its flavor. The rich flavor of this e-liquid is something that you will not forget quickly since it is very distinct. This is an e-liquid that is worth a try. It is safe to say that Cuttwood nailed it with Boss Reserve.

Nicotine Strength

There are three levels of nicotine for Boss Reserve E-liquid by Cuttwood. You can choose either 0mg, 3mg, or 6mg of nicotine.


The consistency of Boss Reserve E-liquid’s juice is just right. You will not have issues vaping from a tank or dripper. The vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol ratio of this vape juice is 70/30.

Throat Hit

You will get a mild throat hit from Boss Reserve. You will feel a light sensation at the back of your throat. This is awesome since that you can enjoy vaping all day.

Vapor Production

You will get thick clouds from every puff when you are vaping this e-liquid. These clouds do not disappear right away.


Boss Reserve by Cuttwood has an attractive packaging design. The e-juice comes in a clear bottle has the company logo printed on the front. You will also find some information about this product on the bottle label. The bottle cap is tightly locked in place so there will be no issues spilling the contents. This product comes with a dropper-style cap.


Boss Reserve is one of the best tasting e-liquids available on the PinkVape website. It is so flavorful that you will enjoy vaping all day with it.

You are sure to be in good hands with PinkVape because the store has e-liquids from all the top brands that are dominating the market today. You will not run out of options to choose when vaping at this store.

If you love the taste of graham crackers and roasted nuts, Boss Reserve by Cuttwood is the perfect vape juice for you.

When you buy Cuttwood’s Boss Reserve from PinkVape, you get to save a bit. This is because a 120ml bottle of this product only costs $34.99 at this store. You can easily order this vape juice at Try this e-juice and taste the rich flavor for yourself. You can take advantage of the deals that are offered on the PinkVape store to grab the vaping products you want..


Pinky E-Juice by E-Liquid Depot Review

Pinky is another delicious fruit-flavored dessert e-juice from E-Liquid Depot. The company has many e-liquids that are very popular because of their fantastic taste and also their low prices. E-Liquid Depot offers premium-quality vape juice at some of the most affordable prices found on the market.

Pinky has the flavor of strawberry and cream e-juice. It has a mouthwatering taste. Vapers who like fruit-flavored e-juice will consider this as an all-day vape. Pinky is perfect to relish while relaxing after work or when you feel the urge of indulging in a sweet and delicious e-liquid. You will find it great to vape in the morning or throughout the day to revitalize or relax your senses.

Flavor Description 
Pinky gives you the fantastic flavor of strawberries throughout. The taste is that of fresh ripe strawberries. This is a tantalizing vape. The sweet strawberries feels just natural, not overpowering. On the inhale, your taste buds get filled with notes of strawberry flavor. On the exhale, there is a nice mixture of cream and strawberry. The vape juice is very smooth. It will appeal to everyone who loves the taste of strawberries. It does not only taste like strawberries, but also smells like it too. This e-liquid has a nice aftertaste. There is no chemical aftertaste to suggest artificial flavoring. The flavor is clean and nice. The consistency is perfect on the inhale and on the exhale. The smooth, creamy texture is just fantastic.

VG/PG Ratio
E-liquids with a vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG) ratio of 80/20 like Pinky give the best experience vaping if you use a rebuildable dripping atomizer (RDA) or a sub-ohm tank. Pinky’s MAX VG means it will give you lots of huge clouds. The clouds production is perfect.

While the e-juice has a high VG ratio, E-Liquid Depot did not compromise on its flavor. There is a good balance between flavor and cloud production. The e-juice comes pre-steeped from the factory. However, if the date on the package is less than two weeks, steeping it for a few days will allow for the flavors to settle.

Nicotine Strength
Pinky is available with nicotine strengths of 0mg, 3mg, or 6mg. These nicotine strength levels will give you a mild throat hit. When vaping this e-liquid, the sensation is smooth in the throat. You will not feel any discomfort at the back of the throat.

Pinky is available in a 120ml clear plastic bottle. The bottle has a dripper tip that allows for easy dripping into tanks or atomizers. There is no childproof safety cap so, it is advisable to keep it out of the reach of children.
The label of the bottle is very simple and has a nice image of a sliced strawberry and whipped cream. It contains all the usual information and a mandatory warning found on all products containing nicotine.

For a price of only $11.99, you can get a 120ml bottle of this premium e-juice by E-Liquid Depot. This is a fantastic bargain that you will not find anywhere else. E-Liquid Depot creates some of the best-tasting e-liquids at fantastic prices.

Buying e-liquids directly from this manufacturer has many advantages. Firstly, you will get an unbeatable price. Secondly, for a purchase of more than $40, you stand to enjoy free delivery. If you’re a reseller, there are wholesale prices available upon request. Finally, E-Liquid Depot has excellent customer service.

E-Liquid Depot’s range of e-juice flavor profile includes beverage, dessert, fruity, tobacco, creamy, breakfast, menthol, candy and yogurt blends. The company has more than 40 different e-liquids on the market. It also sells vaping devices and accessories. All E-Liquid Depot vape liquids are made with high-quality ingredients and the latest brewing methods.

Pinky is great to vape. It has the delicious flavor of ripe strawberries. It’s sweet and full of flavor, but not overpowering. You will like the smoothness of the vape juice. Pinky is great to enjoy at any moment when you feel like indulging the fantastic flavor of a fruity and creamy dessert e-juice.